Welcome to Ransom Canyon                        
City Hall (Mailing Address)    
City of Ransom Canyon
24 Lee Kitchens Drive
Ransom Canyon, Texas

Phone: (806) 829 2470
Email: ransomcanyon@sptc.net

Police Emergency 911

Police Administrative
806-829-2600 (non-emergency)
Library 806-829-2466
  The Little Chapel of Brookhollow
    How do I rent the Chapel?
      The Little Chapel of Brookhollow is located in a valley here in the Canyon.
The pathway up to the Chapel starts at a small pond and winds up through a tree lined path, past a beautiful waterfall.

For information, call 829-2525 or look at the Chapel Website.

  Ranch House & Pool
    How can I rent the Ranch House?

The Property Owner Association (POA) owns the Ranch House & pool that are located on a pennisula in Ransom Canyon Lake.

For more information on the renting the Ranch House,
Ranch House Manager,
Ron Bornick, PH: (806) 745-2901
                     Cell: (806) 407-0510 or RHonthelake@sptc.net

The pool is open to Canyon residents during the summer.

  City Hall
    Where is the Ransom Canyon City Hall located?
      City Hall is located in the North East section of the City by the two white water tanks, north of the park, at 24 Lee Kitchens Drive. Office hours are 8-4:30
  Ransom Canyon Lake
    Can anyone use the lake?
Does my boat need to be registered?
      Ransom Canyon Lake can be used only by property owners of Ransom Canyon. All watercraft are required to be registered for use on the lake. To register you watercraft, please call the Police Department at 829-2600. Boat ramps are located across from the Ranch Island area. Boat slips are available from the POA ( (790-7292).
Boat Limitations: Maximum Length: 22' Maximum Horsepower: 200 HP

The Texas Water Safety Act, the Texas Penal Code, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code,the Texas Parks and Wildlife Game and Fishing Laws, and all other applicable Texas laws shall apply to boating operations and sporting activities on Lake Ransom Canyon, unless further restricted by ordinances.
Click here for more information on ordinances governing the use of the lake.

  Ransom Canyon Library
    Where is the Ransom Canyon Library?
      The library is located just east of City Hall, beside the water house, on the road to the RV park.
Library winter hours are 2:30 to 6:30 Tuesday/Thursday, and 10:00 - 2:00 on Saturday.
  School Districts
    What school district is Ransom Canyon located?
      Ransom Canyon actually is in two school districts, Roosevelt ISD & Slaton ISD.
Slaton ISD

  Slaton High · S 105 N 20TH ST · Slaton 79364 · (806) 8285833
Slaton Jr. High · 300 W JEAN ST · Slaton 79364 · (806) 8286583
Austin Elem · 740 S 7TH ST · Slaton 79364 · (806) 8285813
Westward Elem · 615 W Lubbock · Slaton 79364 -(806) 8285805

Roosevelt High School • 1406 COUNTY RD 3300 • Lubbock 79403
  High School · (806) 8423283
Junior. High · (806) 8423282
Elementary · (806) 8423284
  Drinking Water
    Where does the City of Ransom Canyon get water?
      Ransom Canyon buys water from the City of Lubbock.
    Are private water wells allowed?
      Private water wells are prohibited in Ransom Canyon Ordinance # 179
    Can I pump water from the lake to water my yard?
      The lake is under the jurisdiction of the City of Ransom Canyon.
Pumping water is prohibited by Ordinance # 179
  Propery Owner's Association
    What is the Propery Owner's Association?

This association is made up of all Ransom Canyon lot owners. Members are required to pay a
yearly $60 membership fee.

The POA has private ownership & maintenance of:
  • Ranch House • Ranch House pennisula
  • Swimming pool • Playground (across from City Hall)
  • Park area (across from City Hall)
  • Meadows (at the lake's small end)

The POA meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.
Call Patrick Sykora at 549-3011 for meeting details & locations.